The Good : Competitive Pricing - Wide Selection - Non-commissioned sales reps
The Bad : Some customers have to turn to the Better Business Bureau to resolve problems
The Bottom Line: A solid online dealer with good pricing and acceptable customer service.
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APMEX is one of the largest, if not the largest, online precious metals dealers.  They offer a wide selection of products and have both sales reps and customer service reps available by phone to provide assistance.

Unlike some, their online prices and over the phone prices are the same. Further, we appreciate the fact that their sales reps are not commissioned so they seem more interested in helping then pushing you into a sale.  We view this as a plus.  APMEX’s IRA prices are also the same as their normal pricing, which is as it should be.   Overall, APMEX pricing is competitive and in the range of the other aggressively priced dealers we have found.

When it comes to service, we found some good and some not so good.  On one hand, APMEX is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau but we have some issues with the BBB rating system for this reason.  The BBB will rate a company A+ if a company satisfied complaints that are made to the BBB.  In this case, in the past 3 years, APMEX has had 52 complaints filed against it with the BBB.  Of those, 19 have come in the last year.

The BBB indicates that of the 52 complaints, 47 have been resolved satisfactorily with BBB assistance.  While this is admirable, it’s been our experience that people don’t complain to the BBB unless and until they are unable to resolve their problems by dealing directly with the company.  So, while an A+ rating is admirable, and granted APMEX does to a lot of business, we’re not impressed that in the past year 19 people have been unable to resolve their problems without taking them to the BBB.  Accordingly, we can’t give APMEX high marks for service.

  • Pricing
  • Service
  • Delivery
  • Conclusion
  • Competitive Pricing with pricing stability between phone sales and online sales. No additional markups for IRA sales
    APMEX has dedicated customer service reps in addition to sales reps (Account Mangers) and overall provides satisfactory service but some accounts aren't satisfactorily resolved without the customer filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Since all BBB complaints have been resolved, we can find no reason why they couldn't have been resolved without the necessity of going to the BBB.
    Prompt Delivery when items are in stock but can take longer if items are not in stock at the time of order.
    APMEX is one of the largest online bullion dealers in America with over 100 employees. As companies grow, individual service can begin to suffer. The number of BBB complaints, even though resolved suggests they still have room for improvement but, in the end, they will respond. Not a bad bet.
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